[BiturboS4] OT for BT - new S4 and S4 Avant announced

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I think MOST OF US (on this list) would qualify as an "ordinary person",
thus the SMG would probably be the better choice. I assume that Audi will
beef up the TIP or come out with its own version of the SMG (for competitive
reasons). I do not know about you, but I would not be considered a
PROFESSIONAL racer by anyone's standards. Plus, many buyer's in the 40+ age
group (those are usually the folks who can afford $45k plus sports sedans)
have gotten tired of shifting in city traffic and a SMG or TIP alternative
(to a 6 spd) is not a limiting factor, in terms of a sale.

just my $.02


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> Kjos' writes:
> > I offer some facts I have read in The Roundel (BMW's monthly pub):
> > 1. SMG II equipped cars ALWAYS outperform 6-speeds.
> > 2. SMG II equipped cars are easier on driveline components, thus
creating a
> > more reliable car.
> I wouldn't jump so fast at that conclusion...  SMG may make an ordinary
> person achieve better performance, but in experienced hands it is
> not necessarily better.  European car magazine recently did a BMW E46 M3
> comparo between the standard and SMG versions and found that the standard
> was faster in certain circumstances.
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