[BiturboS4] OT for BT - new S4 and S4 Avant announced

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Dec 23 17:05:37 EST 2002

Matt twentyV writes:
> > > > I offer some facts I have read in The Roundel
> > (BMW's monthly pub):
> > > > 1. SMG II equipped cars ALWAYS outperform
> > 6-speeds.
> > > > 2. SMG II equipped cars are easier on driveline
> > components, thus
> > >creating a
> > > > more reliable car.
> Well, I remain skeptical about the longer term
> reliability of anything more complex than gears and
> synchros.

Well, the SMG *is* gears and synchros... it's a manual transmission,
except that the clutch is operated by computer-controlled hydraulics
rather than your foot.

At any rate, the argument that some modern race cars use sequential
boxes and therefore it's got to be superior is sort of a moot point.
The performance of SMG vs. a standard manual is akin to splitting
hairs, however the driving experience differences are real.  I
contend that SMG would ultimately be a less involving alternative.
For rush hour stop and go traffic, perhaps SMG (or better yet,
Audi's multitronic CVT) is a good solution compared to a traditional
slushbox.  But for a fun drive around the twisties, there is no
substitute for a standard manual gearbox.

Me?  I get my pick of which car to take. :-)

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