[BiturboS4] headlights

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Mon Dec 23 20:57:29 EST 2002

Bill Neilsen writes:
> Can I raise my headlights, one is significantly lower than the other?

Yes, they are adjustable ( http://www.audiworld.com/tech/ext19.shtml ).

You may also need to clear any diagnostic codes in the headlight self-leveler
system using VAG-COM ( http://www.ross-tech.com ).

Not, however, that it is correct to have a "stepped" pattern where it
is higher on the passenger side and lower on the driver side.  This is
to provide a beam pattern that penetrates farther into the distance
without also blinding oncoming traffic.  If you feel that your headlights
are not correctly aimed, you should re-aim them properly.  The Daniel
Stern lighting web site has a write-up on how to do this, and you should
follow the instructions, based on the "center" step of your HID's cutoff
pattern ( http://lighting.mbz.org/tech/aim/aim.html ).  Mis-aimed HID
headlights can be very annoying to others.  If in any doubt, you should
let someone who has the equipment and expertise in aiming HID lights to
do the job for you.

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