[BiturboS4] SMG vs. 6-Speed

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Tue Dec 24 16:48:32 EST 2002

Now Philip, why does one particular driver (initials are MS) win such a high
percentage of Formula races using SMG when the cars are all very closely
defined? Little to do with driver skill I would guess from your comment...I
don't think so. I know, change is difficult for many so denial is to be
expected. You will eventually be driving a SMG-equipped car cause you will
have no choice other than an automatic. I personally can't wait for SMG to
show up in an all-wheel drive car. I'll be 1st in line (if it weighs less
than 4000 lbs. and has at least 300HP and 4 doors).


John Kjos

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> I'm sure that a properly designed computer can blow even the best human
> but per Ti's comment, there's a feel for the car that you will inevitably
> And as for people that race for money (i.e. professional race car
> I'm sure when it comes down to it, they do what makes them the fastest,
> what gives them the best 'feel'. Even if the drivers prefer manual, I'm
> the person financing the car will only accept SMG. It's one less thing the
> driver has to worry about and one more thing they can improve on the car.
> That being said, I still consider SMG to be an automatic and it eliminates
> of the last factors that discerns driver ability.
> philPACE
> --- Kjos' <fastwheels3 at attbi.com> wrote:
> > No jumping to conclusions here. Just reporting what I've read, man. Easy
> > there bro.
> >
> > The point you are missing is that you have to learn how to drive a SMG
> > equipped car too. When you do learn how to drive it properly you will be
> > faster with SMG. Ask the Formula drivers what they think?
> >
> > John
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