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Ian & Group,

I agree with your response except that no one has stated that MS races a
BMW, just a SMG equipped race car. I look at SMG as a general term applied
to the new-technology shifters like we're talking about. Is it trademarked
by BMW? If so, a different term needs to be used I guess.

Ferrari wants bout $7K more for their paddle shifter SMG cars than they do
for their 6-speeds. I forget the adder for BMW but it's a few thousand
dollars I think. These trannys cost nearly as much as some of the small
econo cars do so it's understood that we're not talking about that class of
car or tractors either.

As I said, it's only a matter of time before you're driving  a SMG equipped
car. It's only a year away (I hear) from introduction in BMW's 5-Series. If
they come out with all-wheel drive (assuming 300HP or more) in a 5-Series
I'd buy one in a flash.

Everyone out there enjoy a safe and happy New Year!

John Kjos

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> On Dec 24, 2002 "Kjos'" wrote:
> > expected. You will eventually be driving a SMG-equipped car cause you
> > have no choice other than an automatic. I personally can't wait for SMG
> > show up in an all-wheel drive car. I'll be 1st in line (if it weighs
> > than 4000 lbs. and has at least 300HP and 4 doors).
> I suspect there'll be normal manual cars around for a long time.
> Probably fewer and fewer, and in the lower-end or retro cars, but
> there's enough demand for it that it'll stick around.
> Also, keep in mind that the transmission in Juan Pablo Montoya's car
> (Michael Schumacher drives a Ferrari, not a BMW, so he doesn't have an
> "SMG" :)) is VERY different from the one that you'll get in a
> street-legal M3.  It shifts 10-20 times faster, for one thing, and
> only has to last 90 minutes for another.
> --Ian
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