[BiturboS4] Service Alert !!!!!!!

jy jysap at cs.com
Mon Dec 30 19:48:40 EST 2002

To The List,

I was at my local Audi dealer for my S4's 45k mi service (the last one under
warranty) and happened to mention that I smelled OIL whenever I started the
car and sometimes thru the vents when using the heat.(it's winter here in
the NE).

Well, after the 45k mi service check was completed - the service rep says to
me 'we will have to schedule an appointment be4 your warranty is up
(currently have 49k mi on the odometer - I was late for the 45k mi

I say 'Why?' and she says 'because we need to replace the VALVE COVER

I say 'OOOO- KAY'. Note: I have not run the car HARD, nor have I added a
CHIP yet ( that will be done immediately after 50k mi  ;-)  ). The car is
stock with the exception of two hyper-boost BOVs that I (personally)
installed in place of the OEM Bosch units.

If u get that sweet pungent smell of OIL on a consistent basis coming from
your S4 - you TOO - are a candidate for new VALVE COVER gaskets. Just make
sure that u get it done before the warranty expires (mine is getting done
this coming Thursday). Audi will have my S4 for a day and has agreed to
provide a 'loaner car (I'm sure it aint an S4)'.

00 S4 Imola Tip
86 951 Porsche

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