[BiturboS4] Re: BiturboS4 digest, Vol 1 #214 - 13 msgs

Josh Barone joshuabarone at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 31 08:55:28 EST 2002

Let's get a wheel debate going...

I wreck my last s4 (silver 2000, tip) and was offered
8 grand more than I paid for it by the insurance
company (I couldn't belive it either).  So I just
picked up a new one (red 2001, 6spd). However, I have
a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket and I
was thinking of jump starting the economy by putting
some new wheels on my car. I'm debating between SSR
comps and BBS Challenges both of the 18" variety. Does
anyone else have either these? Give me some good/bad
stories. What are your feelings on hub rings (used to
center the wheel in both cases) are they a conern?
All help will be appreciated.


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