[BiturboS4] Service Alert !!!!!!!

jy jysap at cs.com
Tue Dec 31 12:21:29 EST 2002

My Maaaaan Walt & The List:

ALL "earl" changes have been performed by my local Audi dealer (where I
bought the car and where the valve cover gaskets will be replaced this
Thurs) since the day my S4 was driven off the lot with 2.5 mi on the
odometer (April 2000).

The car has a 11/99 build date. This is the first MAJOR issue that I have
had with the car - other than the "pre-set station button (#1)" on that HIGH
QUALITY BOSE radio system (LOL !!!) breaking (the dealer replaced the
radio - I am sure replacement unit was re-furbished - but the dealer would
not admit this to me).

So, in a nutshell, AUDI has been the ONLY one servicing this car and any
defects ARE ON THEM!!! (even after my warranty expires - as far as I am
concerned - if it can be tied to service abuse - i.e. improper motor oil)

Once I start making mods (as I plan to do) then I am S-O-L (and I know that)

00 S4 Imola (tip)
86 951 Porsche (5 spd - chipped)

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> >I was at my local Audi dealer for my S4's 45k mi service (the last one
> >under
> >warranty) and happened to mention that I smelled OIL whenever I started
> >car and sometimes thru the vents when using the heat.(it's winter here in
> >the NE).
> >Well, after the 45k mi service check was completed - the service rep says
> >to
> >me 'we will have to schedule an appointment be4 your warranty is up
> >(currently have 49k mi on the odometer - I was late for the 45k mi
> >servicing).'
> >I say 'Why?' and she says 'because we need to replace the VALVE COVER
> >I say 'OOOO- KAY'. Note: I have not run the car HARD, nor have I added
> Hmmmm. What kind/type/weight oil have you used, and how frequent have your
> earl changes been??
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