[BiturboS4] RE: 01 S4 Rotors and Pads

Erik J. Engstrom engstrom at rawbw.com
Tue Dec 31 09:51:28 EST 2002


My rotors had no less than 11 cracks in them at 30.5k miles (18k
interstate). My front pads had no less than 8% crumbling wear. The pads are
intended to be long life. The rotors clearly aren't. Somewhere in the middle
they can really do a number on each other. My dealer inspected a shimmy and
noise in the rotors and sent me home with a guilt trip for wasting their
time. I complained, they fired the a**hole and then replaced my rotors and
pads. The original a**hole advisor guilt tripped me, said that the work was
not covered due to excessive hard driving and that the entire rotors were
blued. (Not true as I had inspected them earlier myself. They missed the
pads and the cracks.) The second service advisor spotted them walking around
the car when I brought the car in on the following day.

Sonnen Motorcars in San Rafael, CA.

They are taking steps to restructure their service. As I'm going to give
them my S4 for 15 days to clean up some damage due to theft, camshaft
alignment sensor replacement and the 6-speed/clutch service/replacement...
They better do a good job or they'll meet Robert, my Attorney and Audi
Customer Relations faster than you can say "Ow-Dee".

If you happen to find yourself in the San Francisco/San Rafael area and need
service under warranty, call Sonnen and speak with Mike Allen. He rocks, but
is very busy as he's probably the most competent service advisor I've met
across all cars/dealers.


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