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You know, that I can believe. I would be CRUSHED if Getrag designed and
built the gearbox in my car. It churns like butter, the throws are
incredibly long. Considering I had both a "Getrag-5" and "Getrag-6" in new
bimmers in the past two years, the entire mechanism feels distinctly
different. The BMW clutch/gearbox is smooth, clicks and never has any
delay - very direct and clean. In the S4, toe-heel is impossible without a
neckbrace and divine intervention.

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  audi probably rebadged the getrag tranny, like my dodge durango's mercedes
tranny  :-)


  Erik J. Engstrom wrote:

According to my documentation, my service team and my tuning shop they are
not. They are Audi designed and manufactured. I have an 01. It would be nice
if this were a Getrag-6 and I can assure you. IT ISN'T.

Thanks for your helpful input.


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Ummm... the S4 manual transmissions are made by Getrag.


-Dave Pramanik

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I've been driving Bimmers for about 10 years now and I'm spoilt on the
Getrag-5 and 6. That company knows how to make sedan and coupe gearboxes
  my modest opinion. The Audi gearbox has been causing me pain since I
  my 01-S4 in March 01. To quote a famous commercial: "I Can't Believe It's
Not Butter!" because I churn and churn. At 40,000 miles (27K interstate)
  first, second and reverse gears are getting worn and the clutch is high.
  dealer is aware and intends to replace at 47-48k.

Audi needs to stop making their own gearboxes. They are plain POS. I had
this argument on AudiWorld a few years ago, not many listened, I was too
  to the Audi enthusiasts. I won't be buying another Audi, at least until
  OEM Getrag.

The S4 beats my passengers up badly in all conditions, it's impossible to
drive gently without the car suffering complete emasculation. I've watched
my mother drive the car down the freeway from one of my bimmers behind
  She was going so slow and conservative that the car actually swapped
badging, replacing the red S with a flat chrome A.

You're right about the S4 being superior. My 01 is the single most amazing
car I've driven, but sadly it is far from perfect. (Read: gearbox). Had I
the choice to make again, I would have driven home the Tip.

"If you really enjoy driving you just gotta have several cars, each with
those unique characteristics that in total satisfy all those "needs" that
"make you" drive in the first place."

I agree with you, I have three cars. All are in daily use by my partner,
mother or myself. I had a few others, but the economic downturn made me
terminate a lease and sell my new BMW's early. I was way in over my head
(with cars) and didn't realize it until too late. I was too busy trying to
capture and forgot the pleasure of the chase. How wise your comments are.

"The reality is that if you are driving an S4, no matter what gear box it
has, you are one fortunate SOB. Stop whinnin' and keep drivin'."

When things started looking black for my business I had to make some tough
choices. I tried hard to hang on to my Audi. I managed to do it and I'm
super grateful that I did. Even though things are looking up, I won't be
taking on any new cars for a few years. I've had my fill. I'm spending
  time working on my pristine 10-20 year old BMW's.

"It's not what you drive, it's how much fun YOU have doin' it."

Again, great point and a mature perspective. I love my S4 because every
single time I get in it, I feel like I'm on my way home from the office on
Friday and I've got a long weekend! It's fun, it's definitely built for
  driver and I'll always be in love. I know how lucky I am to own one and
  fortunately never really been into judging others by their cars. For me,
  car is my choice... In the last year I really had to work to pay for it
  it will return my hard with in spades with driving pleasure.

I still love Sunday driving in my mint stage 3 E30. I get thousands of
stares every time I drive it.

Looking forward to the new year, I wish you all a wonderful and safe New
Year. May we happily and thoroughly bury Annus Horribilus 2002.


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