[BiturboS4] rust on stock rotors

adamschwartz at rcn.com adamschwartz at rcn.com
Tue Dec 31 14:57:29 EST 2002

It seems weird to me that a little rust on the rotors, from
sitting a few weeks would cause such a problem. I thought it
was odd when this happened to me too. I dont know all that
much about how the brake pads are mounted, but I know on
other cars there are just clips that hold the pads in place,
and the pads are basically floating... Could it be that some
rust has either lodged itself around the pad(s) or slightly
moved one of the pads? Maybe just R&R of the pads, cleaning
as you go might take care of it... If you are under warranty,
just make the dealer DEAL.. That is, after all, what they do!

Then again, if its off warranty they are a rip off.

happy new years to all!


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>> So I took the car to an out of the way road and did 1 or
>> 2 "emergency" stops. No.. not with the e brake, but gased
>> up, and the just slamed on the brakes as hard as I could.
>> That did it. Mine are fine now...
>Tried that several times, was going 80, and firmly depressed
the brakes.
>After a week of driving things have gotten only slightly
better.  I feel
>the best thing is to take the car into the dealer and
>Does anyone know if the stuff that takes brake dust off rims
would work on
>the rotors??
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