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I had a similar chip installed a few months ago, however I also had
suspension and brakes uprated at the same time. Having driven the car for a
while I can confidently say that the stock brakes are inadequate for a
chipped S4. I have the front brakes from a Porsche 993 turbo and wouldn't
have anything less.

I strongly advise you to get the brakes (and suspension too) uprated.


P.S. If you're still living with the stock shifter then you must have long


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I was wondering the same. Is everybody asleep ?
By the way, I will have the Abt mod done next week (310 hp / 500 Nm) at
Abt's importer in France. First modification for my Nogaro beauty. Next will
be the brakes, I guess (though they are bloody expensive !). I will let you
know how is it going.

1999 Nogaro S4 Avant. Barcelona - Spain.
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