[BiturboS4] First Mods - Advice please

Tuan Nguyen tuan at grdperformance.com
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My own personal recommendations are as follows:

1. Shortshifter (Tanoga, Stratmosphere or Neuspeed.  Don't bother with
the UUC).  Stock shifter is sloppy and has the longest throw I've ever
encountered. $250-$280
2. Suspension (Springs and Shock or Coilovers).  While the S4 has good
handling, an upgrade in suspension makes a world of difference.
3. Chip (Abt, Giac, APR, and a couple of others).  Chip only if you are
concerned about the warrantee.  $600-$900.  You can get a used on with
the ecu for about $800 probably.
4. Exhaust.  Miltek, MTM, and Scorpion are the quietest.  Approx $1000.
5. Downpipes.  Several out there.
6. Big Brakes.  Several available as well.
7. RS4 Turbos


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Hello Group. I'll soon be a proud member of the S4-owning community. I'm
taking delivery of a used 2001.

I need some advice on the sequence of modificatons that I should do. So
it seems that a short-shift kit is in order (is the UUC the recommended
After that, which chips are considered the best? Is an exhaust needed to
realize these power gains? I want something as quiet as possible. After
what's next?

Thanks much, Carter.

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