[BiturboS4] First Mods - Advice please

MTUGuy at aol.com MTUGuy at aol.com
Thu Jul 18 20:35:08 EDT 2002

In a message dated 7/18/02 12:12:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
biturbos4-request at audifans.com writes:

<< >1. Shortshifter (Tanoga, Stratmosphere or Neuspeed.  Don't bother with
 >the UUC).  Stock shifter is sloppy and has the longest throw I've ever
 >encountered. $250-$280

 I don't find the throw much of a problem, which leads me to believe
 that either it was modded before I bought it, or I'm a girly nonce.
 Anyone got any before/after photos of the different positions of the
 gear lever? >>

I think people who complain about the S4 having a long throw for the shifter
have obviously never driven an American pickup truck.  My dad's Dakota has a
HUGE throw.  Even his '87 4000 quattro has a longer throw than the S4.  The
4000 also makes the S4's shifter feel buttery smooth.

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