[BiturboS4] RE: Mods (esp. short-shifter)

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Fri Jul 19 13:02:00 EDT 2002

As a singular mod to the exhaust system, I'm skeptical that you'd
get much "seat of the pants" gains from most catbacks.  The hp gains
seem minor in context and beyond that alot of people i've talked to
feel the numbers most/some manufacturers put out there are optimistic

Sure, if you're going to do a full front to back low restriction pass
on your exhaust system you'd want to open up the catback, but viewed
as an isolated upgrade, i think the biggest thing you get is a different
sound out the back of the car.


On Fri, 19 Jul 2002, john sonty wrote:

> Wait, I thought the Milltek exhaust was the 'best' out there
> with respect to enhancing performance?? I've heard/read of
> several that claim it adds an additonal ~20hp.
> --- "Edwards, Dave" <Dave_Edwards at iOra.com> wrote:

> > I have a Miltek cat-back and it hasn't done much to the
> > performance. It started off loud but now is almost as quiet
> > as the stock exhaust but has a deeper note.

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