[BiturboS4] Serial Numbers

Bill Coleman billc928 at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 22 08:58:53 EDT 2002

Anybody know the serial numbers for the S4s of various
years, especially for MY2000?  I'm trying to find out just
how early my S4 is in the build.  Curiously my other S4
(Porsche 928 S4, that is) is also very early in the model
run, one of the first 928 S4s with an Aug 86 build date
for MY1987.  I've always heard you don't want to buy
a car from the first year of production, now I've got 2
from the first month of the first year.  I also had an Audi
coupe (later Audi GT) from 1981, which most people
claim didn't start production until 1982...but that's another
story entirely.

00 S4 6sp silver

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