[BiturboS4] Deer Whistles

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Thu Jul 25 11:08:41 EDT 2002

Deer whistles, typically mounted on top of the front bumper, apparently
emit high frequency sound when your vehicle is moving through the air
that gets the attention of animals and hopefully frightens them away.  I
have them on my 89 Acura.  My wife collected me in this car and we both
noticed that they do seem to get the animals attention in the deer-thick
area near Collbran, CO where my deer hunting with vehicle incident

John M. Harrison
University of Wyoming
Space Management Office
Facilities Planning
johnmh at uwyo.edu

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>I'll be putting on those little deer warning whistles when I get it
>back.  My dad swears by them and gave me a pair last Xmas, but I
>procrastinated putting them on being unsure how they would look or
>to locate them.  My guess is they will look better most anywhere than
>the front of my car does at this moment.

Hmm.. they sound interesting, what are they? What do they do?



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