[BiturboS4] Deer Whistles, etc.

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Thu Jul 25 17:10:45 EDT 2002

Interesting.  I may paste mine on anyway just to placate my dad, who is
convinced the things work - based on what I don't know.  He is one of
these guys who just never hits anything or has any sort of accidents and
always assumes that if you hit something there must be something more
you could have done to prevent it.  In my case I could have swerved off
the road with considerable embankment both sides and totaled the car and
probably myself in the process or take the hit and keep the car on the
road.  There was no time and no warning as this deer bounded out of the
foliage and onto the road.

Anyway, I'm curious if anyone out there has advice on how to warn these
critters off and away from the road.  Having said that, I feel sort of
fortunate that I have hit an animal large enough to do damage only once.
Most drivers I talk to around here have hit deer or antelope due to
their unpredictable behavior on at least one occasion.  Some talk about
it as if it were a routine thing.  Perhaps this is just one of those
risks one has to accept along with driving.  It is after all a
statistically rather dangerous activity.  But it sure is fun in an S4.
I miss mine a lot already and I've only been without it for a couple

I haven't been able to talk my dad into an A8 - or perhaps an All-Road.
He is currently driving a large Acura or Ford Explorer.  Your's may want
to identify the nearest Audi A8 authorized body repair facility before
he starts hitting deer in it.  I notice not a lot of body shops can fix
the aluminum bodies on the A8s.

Cheers to all.

John M. Harrison
University of Wyoming
Space Management Office
Facilities Planning
johnmh at uwyo.edu

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My father had deer whisles on his caddilac.  He had to replace them each
after hitting deer.  Oh, did I mention he hit 3?  When he got the new
A8, I
saw a new pair of whisles in his trunk.  I grabbed them, told him NO
WAY, and
threw them out.

Comsumer Reports (don't get my started, they're not high on my list of
testers, except when looking for a dishwasher or hairdryer).  Anyhow,
Consumer Reports tested a lot of whisles several years ago.  None were
to be effective.  In the lab, they mentioned that one *might* work, if
mounted at some funny angle, which would never happen on a real car.
Now if
they made them with neon-colored LEDs, I could sell them to the Honda

Mark Rosenkrantz
AudiBiTurbo at aol.com

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