[BiturboS4] Deer Whistles, etc.

Marc A. Abernethy abernethy at lotteryusa.com
Sat Jul 27 10:01:02 EDT 2002

I drive with my headlights off.  Never hit a deer yet!

'01 S4 6spd

"John M. Harrison" wrote:

> Interesting.  I may paste mine on anyway just to placate my dad, who is
> convinced the things work - based on what I don't know.  He is one of
> these guys who just never hits anything or has any sort of accidents and
> always assumes that if you hit something there must be something more
> you could have done to prevent it.  In my case I could have swerved off
> the road with considerable embankment both sides and totaled the car and
> probably myself in the process or take the hit and keep the car on the
> road.  There was no time and no warning as this deer bounded out of the
> foliage and onto the road.
> Anyway, I'm curious if anyone out there has advice on how to warn these
> critters off and away from the road.  Having said that, I feel sort of
> fortunate that I have hit an animal large enough to do damage only once.
> Most drivers I talk to around here have hit deer or antelope due to
> their unpredictable behavior on at least one occasion.  Some talk about
> it as if it were a routine thing.  Perhaps this is just one of those
> risks one has to accept along with driving.  It is after all a
> statistically rather dangerous activity.  But it sure is fun in an S4.
> I miss mine a lot already and I've only been without it for a couple
> weeks.
> I haven't been able to talk my dad into an A8 - or perhaps an All-Road.
> He is currently driving a large Acura or Ford Explorer.  Your's may want
> to identify the nearest Audi A8 authorized body repair facility before
> he starts hitting deer in it.  I notice not a lot of body shops can fix
> the aluminum bodies on the A8s.
> Cheers to all.
> John M. Harrison
> University of Wyoming
> Space Management Office
> Facilities Planning
> johnmh at uwyo.edu
> 307-766-2408
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> My father had deer whisles on his caddilac.  He had to replace them each
> time
> after hitting deer.  Oh, did I mention he hit 3?  When he got the new
> A8, I
> saw a new pair of whisles in his trunk.  I grabbed them, told him NO
> WAY, and
> threw them out.
> Comsumer Reports (don't get my started, they're not high on my list of
> testers, except when looking for a dishwasher or hairdryer).  Anyhow,
> Consumer Reports tested a lot of whisles several years ago.  None were
> proven
> to be effective.  In the lab, they mentioned that one *might* work, if
> mounted at some funny angle, which would never happen on a real car.
> Now if
> they made them with neon-colored LEDs, I could sell them to the Honda
> crowd....
> Mark Rosenkrantz
> AudiBiTurbo at aol.com
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