[BiturboS4] The S-CAR Nationals... D.O.A. ?

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Mon Jul 29 13:04:48 EDT 2002

Hello folks,

I want to bring everyone up to date as to what is going on with the
Nationals event this year.  In short, the event is pretty much set up
but there are very few people coming to the party at this point and I'm
now in a position were I will realistically lose more than $10,000 just
for attempting this venture.

As of right now the event is still on but if I don't get some indication
from the group that shows me that a bunch of you are going to be coming
I may have to pull the plug and take the big hit.  This is probably my
worst nightmare come true as I find myself job hunting with little
success and facing a major financial disaster with the event.

The event was conceived as a fun weekend for S-CAR fanatics and fund
raiser for the Children's Cancer Research Fund.  Last year the event was
held in Colorado and many of you complained it was held too far west.
This year I chose Minneapolis because it was an area that I am familiar
with and I wanted to ensure a high quality event.  The location is also
within a days drive of a lot more of you.  Make it or break it here
folks.  If you're not going to come out and support the Nationals events
(regardless of where they are held) then don't count on me organizing

If you plan on attending the event this year, I need to know right
away.  The response I get from you right now will determine whether the
event will live or die.  To be completely honest, if I don't pull this
event off it will likely mean the end of S-CARS.ORG... at least for a
while.  I have to cut costs wherever I can...  and yes, my cars are
currently up for sale if anyone is interested.

Finally, for those of you who HAVE registered already, I thank you.  I
want to let you all know that you won't lose a dime in the event that I
have to pull the plug on the event.  You'll all receive a full refund.

If you're going to come out for the event and haven't registered yet
please shoot me an email at editor at s-cars.org ASAP.  Also let me know if
you'll be staying in the hotel.  I need an indication real soon so I can
make the decision as to whether the event will continue or if I need to
throw in the towel.

OK, the ball is in your court...... http://www.s-cars.org/nationals


'93 S4 - in pieces, maybe for sale
'90 CQ - for sale at www.s-cars.org/cq
'86 XR4ti - for sale but dimpled by a recent hail storm  :-(

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