[BiturboS4] S-CAR Nationals Cancelled... but wait, there is more!

Darin Nederhoff editor at s-cars.org
Tue Jul 30 16:46:26 EDT 2002

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to say that the life support plug has been pulled on the 2002
Nationals event.  I tried to save it but it clearly was not happening.
A phone discussion with Jimmy Pribble this morning basically cemented
the thought that it was time to give it up and try to minimize the
losses.  I made an agreement with the hotel in order to bail out of my
contract with them for the weekend and limit my loss.  I really hate
giving up on something that I have been working on but I think this is
the best outcome.  For those of you who have already registered, you
have already received refunds if you did so via PayPal.  I'll be sending
refund checks out tomorrow to those of you who paid via check.  If you
have made hotel reservations at the Marriot please let me know so I can
get those refunded for you as well.

What now?  Well, the grand event is off but that is not to say that
there won't be an S-CAR event in Minneapolis that weekend.  THE SHOW
I'm working on putting together an S-Festival which will be held at
Anderson Motorsport in Chanhassen, Minnesota on Saturday, August 31st.
All you need to do in order to attend this event is RSVP me with your
vehicle type and head count and show up on Saturday!  Donations will be
accepted at the door for both the event costs and the Children's Cancer
Research Fund.

DATE:  Saturday, August 31st.
PLACE:  Anderson Motorsport, 7700 Quattro Drive, Chanhassen, MN
TIME:  9:30 AM - ??
- People's choice car show with class winners.  (UrS4, UrS6, new S4,
post '96 Audi general class, pre '96 Audi general class, etc.)
- Picnic style lunch...  we'll have the grill going with brats, burgers,
- Paintless dent removal services on hand
- Leather reconditioning services  on hand
- Clear bra installations
- And a technical session concerning brakes (and possibly other topics)

Yes, the Nationals are dead.  The S-Fest Saturday lives on however.
Just let me know if you plan on attending the Saturday gathering.


'93 S4
'90 CQ - still for sale
'86 XR4ti

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