[BiturboS4] washer leak thingy

Tom Aton tmaton at attbi.com
Wed Jul 31 19:23:05 EDT 2002

Too much of a hassle to DIY, in my opinion.  Quick repair for someone who
does it all the time and has developed proficiency.  The housing of the
headlight washer pump has most likely split (on my third one after only two
uses of the headlight washers).  Simple fix at the dealer, and my dealer
always has a supply on hand because THE DESIGN IS KNOWN TO SUCK!!!!

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well, the oft reported washer leak thingy has struck. night time, lights on,
and I used the washer. a bit later, "BUZZZZZZZZZ" a warning goes off saying
low fluid.

I knew, it had struck.  :(

Is the fix a DIY thing, I hate to bring my baby to the dealer. I know they
will fondle and abuse her when I'm not around.

thanks in advance.

'01 S4

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