[BiturboS4] StonGard?

jy jysap at cs.com
Sat Jun 1 01:44:39 EDT 2002

Man, I have something similar on my Porsche 951. Personally, I would not
spend the $$$$.
After a few years, the stuff starts to crack from UV rays, weather, and yes
Most Porsche guys get rid of the stuff after a few yrs. I am having my
Porsche repainted and I told my body shop to leave that stuff OFF my car. I
am putting side skirts and a front spoiler to help deflect stones and a
COLGAN BRA - that should do it. Spend your $$$ on performance mods (better
blow off valves, chips, RS4 front bumper, larger intercoolers or turbos).

my .02


Y2K S4 (Imola Yellow)
86 951 Porsche Turbo

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> Anyone installed the *full* StonGard kit (www.stongard.com) on an S4?
> I'm curious to see how it looks...anyone?  anyone?
>     -rich
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