[BiturboS4] S4 v.s WRX?

David goodson at menta.net
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I've been driving an Impreza GT turbo (the "old" version of the WRX) between
1996 and 1998 (almost three years actually). It was the 211 hp version, a
few years later Subaru released the 218 hp, and then they did this horrible
restyling. Now in Europe (France and Spain at least) you can buy an STI
version of 260 hp (but still 4 cylinders boxer turbo, 2 liters).
It was a great car for the money. Very funny to drive, very reactive, maybe
more playful than the S4. But although absolutely capable of quiet and
relaxed driving if you wanted to. I really was in love with this car. And
nobody had it at this time, which was a little exotic "plus". Of course, the
interior, the equipment, quality of the materials and finish has nothing to
do with Audi standards, but for less than half the price of an S4, it was a
hell of a car. If I had to sell my S4 and go for a cheaper car, I think I
would consider the WRX (although I really have problems with its new look).

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Hey, a buddy of mine is getting a WRX in a couple of days.  After his break
in period, he is looking forward to "personally introducing me to his tail-

Anyone go up against a WRX?   Any good stories to tell?

I am sure i wont have a problem convincing my friend that he should have
spent another 17k and gotten an S4.  But, its always good to know what you
are getting into.   ;)

'01 S4 (black)
'94 Honda Prelude Si.
'86 5000 CS-T

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