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I hate to admit it but the WRX will stay with the stock S4. Take a look at =
the Road and Track 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. The WRX is .10 sec faster (5.4)=
 in 0-60 and .20 slower in the 1/4 mile. This is very minimal. I have perso=
naly had the honor of destroying a WRX with the CHIP installed. Has anyone =
seen the specs on the US Version EVO VII? Anyone overseas has the opportuni=
ty to race?

  Nicholas Mistry <nick at mistry.com> wrote: I totally agree w/ what you are =
saying. The WRX was the #2 choice when i
was selecting my new car. The reasons why i picked the S4 over the WRX:
stying (love those S4 rims), consideriably less turbo lag, and audis have
been in my family since the week i was born.

I testdrove both cars and both dealers encouraged me to destroy the
clutch, find the hairest twisting road, and double / tripple the
speedlimit. Both cars handled exceptionally well! The S4's suspension
felt softer than the WRX's, but had no trouble holding onto the road.

When i found out about the STi it initally made the decision harder, but
the Sti was not avail in the US yet. Spending that extra $$ on upgrades
for the STI instead of stying on the S4 would have been a bit more

For the first time, I have earned a great deal of respect for a Subaru
consumer car. The WRX and STI are amazing vehicles, espeically for the

Hey, who am i kidding... the S4 still blows its doors off. ;)


> I've been driving an Impreza GT turbo (the "old" version of the WRX)
> between 1996 and 1998 (almost three years actually). It was the 211 hp
> version, a few years later Subaru released the 218 hp, and then they
> did this horrible restyling. Now in Europe (France and Spain at least)
> you can buy an STI version of 260 hp (but still 4 cylinders boxer
> turbo, 2 liters).
> It was a great car for the money. Very funny to drive, very reactive,
> maybe more playful than the S4. But although absolutely capable of
> quiet and relaxed driving if you wanted to. I really was in love with
> this car. And nobody had it at this time, which was a little exotic
> "plus". Of course, the interior, the equipment, quality of the
> materials and finish has nothing to do with Audi standards, but for
> less than half the price of an S4, it was a hell of a car. If I had to
> sell my S4 and go for a cheaper car, I think I would consider the WRX
> (although I really have problems with its new look). David.
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> Hey, a buddy of mine is getting a WRX in a couple of days. After his
> break in period, he is looking forward to "personally introducing me to
> his tail- lights"
> Anyone go up against a WRX? Any good stories to tell?
> I am sure i wont have a problem convincing my friend that he should
> have spent another 17k and gotten an S4. But, its always good to know
> what you are getting into. ;)
> -N
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