[BiturboS4] StonGard?

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Mon Jun 3 11:46:25 EDT 2002

On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Kjos' wrote:

> Same thoughts here. I just repainted the front end of my S4 (trips in the
> winter over the mountains here in Oregon resulted in 50-100 chips) and
> looked at both clear Bra and StonGard installations on a variety of cars.
> You see holes in the material which looks as bad as a rock chip and the
> edges look horrible. You can replace the damaged parts but it is expensive.
> Dirt accumulates along the edges and looks especially bad on lighter colors.
> Even on a black car the edges were very noticeable. I'm going to get a
> Colgan or similar bra too to put on when necessary.

Hmmm, sounds like those clear nose guards have their own problems - that's
kinds what i was afraid of.

I had my bumper replaced after some highway damage (hit a block of cement,
smaller than a 4x4 ;), but i've found that the non-factory paint is _much_
less durable.  I have more rock chips after a few months than i had in the
prior 1.5 yrs w/factory bumper/paint.  I've talked to a couple body shops
around here and they all say that nothing they can lay down will be as
durable as Audi paint.

I'm not a big fan of any nose coverings, but if all aftermarket paint is
so chip prone, i'm stuck.  I run an Audi brand bra now, but it's a pain
cause the car needs to be *clean* before you put it on, you have to take
it off right after rain storms and can't put it back on again until it's
washed, etc.  Was hoping for a better solution short of looking for another
used bumper with factory paint.


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