[BiturboS4] S4 A/C problem?

David goodson at menta.net
Tue Jun 4 13:16:50 EDT 2002

Same problem here, on my 1999 Avant. I've been using the car for almost a
year now, and I can't exactly remember how it was working last summer (I got
the car in September, after the big heat). But I think it was working much
better, and that the air flow was really cold when put on minimum
temperature (but maybe I'm confusing with my last car, a Toyota Land
Cruiser). Anyway, the car had its 20.000 km service a few months ago, and I
haven't been using the A/C since then. The more frustrating point is that I
can't say it's not working, I think it's just not working good enough. And
that kind of complain is always a little bit difficult to explain to a
workshop. The only argument I have is that I shouldn't be sweating in a
%&XS!¿*Ç!! dollars car when it's 85º outside.
And here in Spain, summer is not a joke.

David. Frenchman in Spain. Nogaro S4 Avant.

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I was about to go on a long trip on Friday and decided it was hot enough to
warrant using the A/C.  So I hit the auto button and put the temperature all
the way down until it reads COOL.  After a couple of seconds, hot air blows
out at a high rate.  So I waited a couple of minutes for the compressor to
kick in and start cooling the air.  After about 5 minutes, the air becomes
semi-cool, not even close to A/C cool.  I have a 2001 S4 which had only 133
miles on it when I got it from the dealer.  How can a brand new car have a
problem like this?  You guys think its mechanical?  Or does the A/C need a
freon recharge?  If it does needs a recharge, how can this car be new and
need a recharge?  Do they come from the factory without freon and the dealer
refills it with freon when they sell them?

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