[BiturboS4] StonGard?

Rich Shiba rich at pdi.com
Tue Jun 4 13:02:52 EDT 2002

On Tue, 4 Jun 2002, jy wrote:
> If you are going to replace the factory bumper you should look into the RS4
> front bumper. LLTEK has pretty cool aftermkt RS4 bumper. The cost would
> probably be the same as a used S4 OE (orig. equipment) bumper. I think the
> RS4 bumpers have a more aggressive look (compared to the OE S4 bumper) like
> the M3 and M5 bumpers.

Actually i'm seriously considering this.  Anyone have thoughts on the
various aftermarket RS4 bumpers out there?  Seems like LLTEK and SGI are
the two i see the most.  JoshD also has a fit kit to fit an Audi brand
RS4 bumper to a N. American A4/S4.  Anyone seen one of these installed?

> First thing I would do (if I were u), would be to find a body shop that
> deals MAINLY with Porsche, Audi, or BMWs. I think that u will find that they
> will do the best paint job on your car. I STAY AWAY from body shops (and
> mechanics) who mostly work on domestic or low end Japanese cars.

You're suggesting that a higher end paint shop can do a more durable paint
job than a lower end?  Hmmm...i guess i buy that, i'm not sure.  I talked
to a couple high end places that said the thing about never being able to
shoot paint as durable as factory applied paint.  He said something about
the factory being able to apply paint at a thickness/thinness that's not
possible in a booth...just to clarify, i'm talking about impact durability
(rocks, etc), not general flaking and chipping over time, which would
definitely be a quality issue with the shop itself.


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