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Edwards, Dave Dave_Edwards at iOra.com
Wed Jun 5 12:11:39 EDT 2002

Many times, and I advise you to be careful in order not to be embarrassed!

The WRX is much lighter that the S4 and if driven well it will fly. An S4 vs
WRX battle is going to be more about driver skill than car performance.

1) The Subaru Boxer engine is really tight for the first 3-4000 miles. If
your friend has a new one then it won't perform anywhere as good as
expected. Don't let him kill the car by racing it in the first 1000 miles:
These cars are built to a budget and should be run in properly.
2) It has lots of turbo lag, meaning no usable torque below about 3000 revs.
In a staight-line race it might win, but in a longer race where lots of gear
changes are needed, the WRX driver could get it wrong and lose a lot of
3) It has no ESP. Drop the clutch in a WRX and it WILL leap. That's why it
can get such a good 0-60 time: It makes no attempt to protect the
4) A stock WRX handles a LOT better than a stock S4. Race one on bendy roads
and you'll soon see how much!

The S4 and WRX should not be compared. We are willing to pay for comfort and
refinement and 'driveablity' of our cars. The WRX is a cheap rally car, no


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Hey, a buddy of mine is getting a WRX in a couple of days.  After his break
in period, he is looking forward to "personally introducing me to his tail-

Anyone go up against a WRX?   Any good stories to tell?

I am sure i wont have a problem convincing my friend that he should have
spent another 17k and gotten an S4.  But, its always good to know what you
are getting into.   ;)

'01 S4 (black)
'94 Honda Prelude Si.
'86 5000 CS-T

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