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Thu Jun 13 20:37:31 EDT 2002

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Hello everyone, I have enjoyed reading this list as well as the last one si=
nce I bought my 01 S4 exactly one year ago today!! It has been a great car =
and I still look forward to driving it everyday as much as I did the day I =
drove it off of the lot. I have 15,500 miles and have never had a single pr=
oblem other than the morning sputter that some people mention now and then =
but I live with it. This is my first post so please go easy on me. I have b=
asically two questions:

1=2E Tires- I think that my tires are wearing down and I will need to get s=
ome new ones soon. I know that Audi recommends a Z rated tire but would it =
be ok to substitute a lower rated tire that is all season and that will las=
t longer. I don't race or anything just normal driving (for me) with an occ=
asional burst of speed on a on ramp just to get my adrenalin going.

2=2E  Torque- I have a triptonic transmission and I didn't use it in the ma=
nual mode for the first 10 months and I decided to give it a try for a whil=
e=2E I liked driving without using it but I didn't feel that I was getting =
the power that is mentioned so often. When I tried manually shifting and co=
ntrolling the revs of the engine I noticed much greater power at lower gear=
s as the engine revved past where it would be if it shifted by itself (did =
that make sense?). In second gear going about 40 when I step on the gas it =
flattens me against the seat. I have discovered a whole new way to have fun=
 with my beloved S4 and it's almost like driving a different car. Now to my=
 question: Is this what you mean when you talk about torque? I am not very =
engine smart but am trying to learn. Could someone explain torque to me in =
very laymen's terms?

I look forward to any comments that anyone may have on the two subjects tha=
t I have raised.

I enjoy reading the posts everyday and have learned allot already.


Mark Miller
01 Nogaro Blue S4
Winchester, VA
(The only S4 in town)

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