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Thu Jun 13 21:31:41 EDT 2002

Bill, I believe that is the same RS4 that I saw up at the Sno Drift Rally a
year and a half ago.  GM was the company that had M plates on it.  Was the
front bumper cover still broken?  We've discussed this car before on the old
Biturbo list and the detroit audi list as well.

-David Chapp

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<< Living in the Detroit area, it's not uncommon to see cars
 with manufacturer plates on them - often cars that can't
 otherwise be registered and driven on public highways.

 This morning on the way in to work I saw an RS4 Avant!
 It was a kind of grayish blue in color - quite stunning. I
 was a couple car lengths behind when the driver put his
 foot down and was quickly far ahead of me.  I might have
 given chase, but I was driving my '91 Honda Accord...

 I've heard that Audi is bringing the RS6 to the states, but
 I haven't heard any rumors about the RS4 coming over.
 Of course it might not have been Audi's plates.  It's not
 unusual for other companies to bring in cars from other
 manufacturers.  The very first Acura NSX I ever saw
 had manufacturer plates on it - but it was an engineer
 from GM driving it!!!

 00 S4 6sp >>

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