[BiturboS4] New Mobil 1 ?

John M. Harrison JohnMH at uwyo.edu
Fri Jun 14 15:36:39 EDT 2002

I went for the Amsoil fully synthetic at 10,000 mi based on what appears
to be a superior ASTM wear ball test result when compared to Mobil 1
fully synthetic.  I don't know about possible new Mobil 1 blends, but
can't imagine they will not continue to sell fully synthetic.  I would
look for that verbage (along with a $4.00 per quart or higher price) on
the container.

John M. Harrison Silver 2001 S4 Avant 6-speed loaded

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I think that Mobil 1 label has been expanded by Mobil 1 to cover both
synthetic and dino/synthetic blends. Just read what you buy.

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>I've read that it is an 'inferior' oil, as base is not
>officially 'fully' synthetic. After M-1's loss in its lawsuit
>against Castrol regarding what officially/legally constitutes an
>oil being 'fully' synthetic (I guess Castrol's oil wasn't
>'fully' synthetic--contained small degree of mineral), the
>'story' is that M-1 decided to 'join 'em if you can't beat 'em).
>Again, I don't know this to be a fact.
>--- Nicholas Mistry <nick at mistry.com> wrote:
> > I saw a commercial for a new formula of Mobil 1 oil.   Does
> > anyone have any
> > experience w/ it?  and Is it worth trying?
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