[BiturboS4] check Eng light w/out symptoms

jy jysap at cs.com
Wed Jun 19 00:49:55 EDT 2002

Did u gas up your S4 w\o turning off the engine recently?
This happened to me (the check engine light out of nowhere syndrome) a year
ago and I called the service dept at my dealer. They told me to never gas up
the car w\o turning off the engine first. They reset the light for me.
Stupid me gassed up again w\o turning off the engine - here comes the light.
They told me to drive it (00 S4 Imola Yellow) a few miles and the light
should re-set itself. It did. I have been gassing up and turning off the
engine ever since, and have not seen the check engine light.


They told me
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> had the check engine light (MIL) come on with absolutely no associated
> symptoms whatsoever. gas cap tightness not an issue.
> anyone ever get that?? bizarre.
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