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 Just to add to the buzz, a few friends and I (3-S4's,3-A4's & TT) are all running on S03's. There's universal agreement that this is the best performance tire (dry or wet) that we've ever run on.
 Don't waste you time reading articles, find someone with a set on their car and go for a ride - especially in the rain - crank a few hard offramps - guarantee you'll love them.


"Richard Ness" <richard at nessnet.com> wrote:

>EC (European car) ran an article last month and
>part 2 this month on performance tires.
>Their web site does not have these articles on-line.
>Does anyone have these articles and can you scan
>and e-mail, fax or, if not the above, maybe give me a
>quick digest?
>I need to replace my SP9000 real soon and I want to
>make the best decision possible. Current 'buzz' is that
>the S03 is the current leader of the pack....
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