[BiturboS4] common leak question

Brock Campbell brock at omnispine.com
Sat Jun 22 00:53:47 EDT 2002

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At 10k the bolts that hold the AC mount to the block had sheared off. Fortu=
nately I was 100mi from home a caught a ride with the tow truck driver. Gre=
at fun. At 11k my washer pump started leaking. I think it was the upper one=
. The lower one is for the head lights( I think). At 40k my seat mount was =
replaced. So now at 55k on my '01 Avant, I hope all the kinks are worked ou=

'01 S4 Avant
H&R, Koni adj
APR chip
APR Bi-pipe (this rocks!!)
Valentine 1

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