[BiturboS4] Summer tires choice - maybe smaller is better in the city - gasp!

Noah Ward nward at printcafe.com
Tue May 7 13:57:10 EDT 2002

Got any pictures of your 16"s? I'm seriously considering getting 18"s right
now. There is a group buy on BBS rims for %25 off and it's almost too good
to pass up. If you want in on it the guy running it is Aaron
<federalx at hotmail.com> He will send you a spreadsheet with all the prices.

on 5/7/02 10:21 AM, Dan Burnstein at buzzit at bellatlantic.net wrote:

> I talked with Luke at Direct Tire (&) and told him I feel my S4 with
> Eibach Springs and Bilstein HH shocks was too aggressive and harsh
> for advanced age doing city/suburban driving and he suggested 16" LMO's(?)
> and I could not be happier - the re is more rubber to handle curbs and
> pot holes yet the handling stayed dependable under fast cornering
> situations.
> I only mention this because I was brought up to believe the manly thing
> is to have 18" tires but these actually look less attractive than these
> aggressive tread, wide tires... and I was surprised to be so happier with
> the smaller wheel but the rubber part of the tire is both wider and taller
> than my previous all-weather Pirelli Snowsports and they are better looking
> overall with less open space between the tire and tire well (almost none).
> Dan

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