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Noah Ward nward at printcafe.com
Wed May 8 10:48:04 EDT 2002

Oops, I sent the first one only to Bill. Gotta remember reply all. :-(

Your car looks good. I love brick driveways. Your code is malformed however.
You've got the wrong slashes. You need / instead of \. "<img
src=_images\s4_1.jpg>" should in fact be "<img src=_images/s4_1.jpg>

My spark plugs are single electrode NGK also.

What's AM radio?


on 5/8/02 9:32 AM, Bill Coleman at billc928 at earthlink.net wrote:

> Hi all,
> Got my S4 last a couple weeks ago, and just found
> this list today.
> The car is a 2000 silver/silver 6sp with 59k miles on it.
> It's stock (so far) except for a Remus (sp?) exhaust. I
> have a few pictures of it at:
> http://home.earthlink.net/~billc928/S4pix.html
> Being new to the list, it's my responsiblity to ask a
> couple dumb questions, right?  So here  they are:
> 1) I took the car in for service as soon as I bought
> it.  The dealer told me the spark plugs needed to be
> replaced.  The ones they took out are marked NGK
> PFR6Q which I thought were supposed to be quad
> electrode - but I only see one - what am I missing?
> BTW the car does seem to run better with the new
> plugs installed.
> 2) AM radio reception sucks - lots of engine noise
> bleeding through especially when I first start the
> car.  I have an A4 (2001 Avant 1.8tq) that doesn't
> seem to have the problem.  Any ideas?
> Bill
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