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Eric Fletcher S.O.C. steadi at attbi.com
Mon May 13 14:18:44 EDT 2002

On 5/13/02 12:44 PM, "Noah Ward" <nward at printcafe.com> wrote:

> Thanks a lot for doing this testing and giving back to the community. June
> 1st seems like a long time away now. Is there currently a post about what
> you're testing on Audiworld?

Yes there is a post but it is about a week old. You could search for it.

This is what we are testing, when we do the test's we have to go find heat
to make the IC's work. Remember each of these test matrix's is going to be
done on a Stock S4, a Chipped S4 and A K04'd S4.  Nine times total.

Mass airflow (Related to total density against RPM)
Pressure drop thru the core @XX.XX Psi
Temp drop
Total Timing (against RPM)
EGT (Both of these are related to engine timing and knock control)
Requested Vs Actual Boost
Heat soak and recovery time
Boost onset against RPM
Cam Phase Change Over (related to Knock)
Water temp
Oil temp
Ambient Air Temp
Dew Point (Relates to Density)
Pressure at the face of the intercooler
Pressure at the back side of the intercooler
Temp of the Face Airflow (For Efficiency calcs)
Temp of the backside Airflow
Underhood temp
Time in gear

Video and Photos of the test, Full write up of the test, 21 Parameters, 3
Different Intercoolers 1 K04 car, who will reign supreme! (Do the Iron Chef

So that's the plan. The most through Intercooler test ever. There will be no
question after this test. It won't be easy.

Eric Fletcher
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