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   Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 12:49:34 -0700
   From: "Chip Goetzinger" <chipg at alum.mit.edu>
Subject: Euro vs. US S4  Was: RE: Re: H&R Sport Springs

I've asked this before and have never gotten a response.  What are the
differences between US-spec and Euro-spec S4s?  Does anybody have a
comprehensive list or know where to find one (online)?

'96 Mustang Cobra Convertible - 435 RWHP (Laser Red, Saddle, Saddle - shhh,
it's sleeping) '02 Audi S4 6-speed (Santorin/Onyx/Silver Alcantara sport)
'02 Nissan Xterra XE-SC 4x4 AT (Black)

I'd be interested too, but there's not a lot of info about anymore. You can
find a copy of the standard Euro S4 spec at

In general I find car specs on US websites lacking - are most US buyers less
interested in specs than the ROW?

I've just had my S4 modded, and in my usual brain-dead style I forgot to
take any measurements first. However at a recent car show I saw an S4 with
stock suspension and so I did a basic test on the ride height: I could fit 3
fingers (held horizontally) between the front wheel arch and the tyre (they
were stock 225/45 R17). That's about 2 inches give or take a quarter.

I've had the H&R coilovers put on my Avant and now its only my index finger,
comfortably. I think the front has been lowered by just over an inch. The
engineer told me that he could raise the suspension a bit more if I wanted -
he's chosen what he considers is the best height for best handling.

I do have problems with clearance now. My home road has some severe speed
bumps and I now need to drive very slowly over one in order to avoid
scraping. Fortunately these bumps are exceptional.

For the moment I will keep the suspension as it is. It has really
transformed the handling of the car in a way I would never have anticipated.
I had thought that the stock suspension was sufficient. Now I know how wrong
I was.

P.S. I recently had an in-depth conversation with APR who have set up in
Europe. They assure me that the US and Euro engines are identical except for
the ECU map.

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