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Tue May 14 10:48:41 EDT 2002

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   Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 23:27:34 -0000
   From: "aagha" <aagha at bigfoot.com>
Subject: 265 hp?

I understand that European-spec S4's have 265hp.  Are there any other major
differences between American and European spec S4s?

To be precise the Euro car has 265 PS (DIN hp) peak at 5800 rpm, which is
approximately 261 hp (SAE). According to Audi it generates 295 lbft of
torque from 1850 to 3600 rpm. Before my car was chipped it was tested on a
rolling road dyno and produced almost exactly these figures. My engine is
really tight still, so I think that it would have been capable of a bit
more. The figures Audi give are undoubtedly conservative, and I'm sure this
is true of the US car as well.

The stock boost of the Euro S4 engine is about 12 psi.

A 'sensibly' chipped Euro S4 will go to about 310 hp and 385 lbft, which is
what mine produces (again tested on a rolling road dyno). FYI my car
generated about 230 hp (can't remember exact figure) at the wheels, which
the tuner thought was higher than expected.

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