VAG COM Was: [BiturboS4] Good Deal

Noah Ward nward at
Wed May 15 16:00:13 EDT 2002

Isn't there a freeware version that does some things? And isn't the full
version only $100? If you're going to steal software, steal from Microsoft.
Imagine how much you'll save by not having to go to the dealer. It'll pay
for itself in the first day.

On another related note. I'm in need of a small cheap laptop that can run
VAG. I already have a powerful desktop PC and a Titanium PowerBook. I need
suggestions from the group as to which laptop is good if you only need VAG
and nothing more.


on 5/15/02 2:07 PM, Walter J Green Jr at vr6pilot at wrote:

>>  Have heard you can... anyone know how to get a "NAPSTER Style" vag
>> com????
> DEFINATELY not cool to steal someones work product, especially when I,
> Wally, know the originator. Uwe Ross sells the VAG stuff.
> Please don't steal from people I know. It makes me angry.
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