VAG COM Was: [BiturboS4] Good Deal

Walter J Green Jr vr6pilot at
Wed May 15 17:08:07 EDT 2002

>  Didnt realize it was a small company.......  Purchased it today...
> >appoligize to wally.  So used to getting MP3 and Server installs didnt
> >occur to me what I was really doing....

it's cool m'man. I was just trying to bring that to light. Uwe *is* a good
dude, and is not trying to gouge anyone. He's been on the VW/Audi scene for
many years, and was a sparring mate of mine on the old GTI list.

we used to have alotta fun on that list.

anyway, no apologies necessary. it was just a "thought" crime anyway!  ;)

heh heh.

'01 S4
Unabashed Imola Sexiness

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