[BiturboS4] Good Deal

Lance Fisher lfisher at cyberoptics.com
Thu May 16 10:09:12 EDT 2002

And we wouldn't want to get Wally angry would we? ;)

Wally's right on about Uwe and VAG-COM.  The product is priced VERY
attractively and includes a needed cable which by itself is worth almost half
of what Uwe charges for the package.  And there is a FREE trial version of the
software with no time limits which Uwe knowingly allows people to use with
homebrew cables.

And to Noah WRT the laptop requirements, Uwe has some info about that on his
website (check the FAQ).  If I remember correctly you only need a 386 processor
and enough memory to run Win95 or 98.  I have one old 386/66 laptop that works
quite well with only 16 MB of Ram and a 240 MB hard drive.   Make sure that
whatever you get has a serial port.  Some of the newer machines have eliminated
this and VAG-COM doesn't work well with most of the USB to serial adapters.


Walter J Green Jr wrote:

> >  Have heard you can... anyone know how to get a "NAPSTER Style" vag
> >com????
> >
> DEFINATELY not cool to steal someones work product, especially when I,
> Wally, know the originator. Uwe Ross sells the VAG stuff.
> Please don't steal from people I know. It makes me angry.

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