[BiturboS4] Re: 12,500 - update AND Oil Question...

Bill Coleman billc928 at earthlink.net
Mon May 20 08:49:42 EDT 2002

Mine has an Aug 2000 build date, 59k miles, and a rather
interesting history.  It appears to have originally been part
of Audi NA's corporate fleet.  Not sure what that means
about how it was treated (hopefully it wasn't a press car -
I don't think they sell those when they're done with them),
but at least it was probably well maintained.

Can't say mine's been trouble free - but so far they've all
been little problems.  The one that I haven't been able to
solve has happened twice.  The car suddenly is way down
on power (does it have a 'limp home' mode?), but if I shut
it off and start it up again it's fine.

It also starts a little rough sometimes - like this morning
when it was 33 (f) degrees outside!  Where's spring???

00 S4 6sp
01 A4 Avant 1.8tq 5sp
other toys...

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