[BiturboS4] US vs Euro spec

Robin St.Clair uberseehandel at yahoo.com
Mon May 20 12:05:08 EDT 2002

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I know its about 181mph, equivalent to 290 k per h because I have checked i=
t against the rev counter, its well off the speedo by then. I don't notice =
the Optimax effect at low speeds but from about 240 kilometres per hour upw=
ards it makes a huge difference once the car has adjusted. My car came from=
 quattro without a speed limiter, it also has a slightly more aggressive ma=
pping than standard, but nobody is owning up, it was a 'present' to make up=
 for charging me so much money for the car, it was hand finished by quattro=
 GmbH, and not being the car I wanted.

Running on Euro 98 (Super Bleifrfei Plus), it tops out at around 270/275 kp=
h, on nasty Italian 95 octane, the top speed is wound back to 260 or so and=
 the car rapidly becomes heat saturated and i can feel everything 'backing =


>top speed of Euro about 181mph on Optimax

*really*?! I didn't think it would reach that (de-limited obviously),
I figured more like 165 or so. How do you know 181mph?


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