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David goodson at menta.net
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Thanks for the answer, Dave.
I was saying imported because I had to import it myself, since I wanted a
recent second-hand and here in Spain it was imposible to find. Instead, we
have a bunch of companies (a lot of them not very honnest) wich will find,
import and make the paperwork for you for any kind of second-hand german car
you want. The only problem is you have to trust them, and usually they don't
deserve your trust (for example I haven't been able to get the maintenance
book of the car they were supposed to send me after two months of daily
phone calls). Don't even think about sueing them, this is Spain, you'll get
tired before they do.
By the way, could you explain the difference beetwen SAE hp and DIN hp
please, that's the first time I hear about that.

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Hi David,

There's at least Robin (Germany), Andy and I (UK) reading this list.
Check out www.audi-sport.net which is frequented by many UK owners, plus a
few from across Europe, SA and Australia.

Oh, and as I've mentioned before, the US hp is SAE whereas the Euro bhp is
DIN such that the Euro S4 is about 261 hp. The main difference between the
US and Euro cars is in the peak torque.


P.S. Weren't all the S4's made in Ingolstadt so all of them outside Germany
were imported from Germany?

From: "David" <goodson at menta.net>
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The european S4 has 265 hp (against 250 hp for the US version, due to
environment protection considerations I think) and has a top speed limited
to 250 km/h (most of the german constructors have an agreement to limit
their cars to that speed - except Porsche of course). The removal of the
limiter, wich is a basic mod offered by many tunners like ABT, allows a top
speed of 272 km/h (169 miles per hour). that's with the original eeprom. By
the way, am I the only European owner in the list? I feel lonely!

David (a French guy living in Spain, car imported from Germany). 1999 S4
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