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Robin St.Clair uberseehandel at yahoo.com
Tue May 21 13:23:17 EDT 2002

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At 290 kph, I feel very close to my rev limiter, with a downhill, who knows=
! The car feels amazingly stable, no sunroof.

I was talking to one of the R8 Race Engineers the other night, he was telli=
ng me about one of the RS4s the Engine Department had been playing with, he=
 was able to drive it at 330 KPH (about 206 MPH), and then prudence took ov=
er! Obviously this one had a higher rev limit. Given it would have had over=
 600 bhp, its actual top speed could have been up to 350 KPH. However, the =
'narrow body' S4 has a potentially higher top speed, given the same engine.

The Optimax doesn't take effect immediately, you notice it after about half=
 an hour, i always try and run through at least one tank before filling for=
 a fast run. When really going for it, the fuel comsumption rate falls to 5=
5 minutes per tank!



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