[BiturboS4] Dealer Changed The Front Brake Rotors @ 30k mi On My Y2K S4 - Is There A Secret Recall (under warranty) In Effect

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed May 22 02:25:52 EDT 2002

jy writes:
> Last week, I went to my local Audi dealer to have the front brake pads
> replaced on my 2000 Imola Yellow S4. I had 30k mi of use after two years.
> What surprised me was the fact that the dealer changed my rotors at no cost.
> From a previous visual inspection I had no cuts or scratches on the rotors.
> Nor did I get that grinding sound when the brake pads are so worn that they
> are cutting the rotors. The only thing I can think of - secret warranty.
> Maybe the OEM rotors on the North American S4 are not up to snuff. The
> dealer was very evasive as to why they changed rotors - he only said - hey
> it is NO charge to you. Interesting......

I am not aware of any difference in the brakes between US and Euro S4s.
Perhaps the original rotors had worn simply down to the minimum spec

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