[BiturboS4] Euro springs

jOHN jENS jjens at fREESHELL.oRG
Wed May 22 21:45:04 EDT 2002

from an Audiworld post by Andy Hedin:


S4 Spring Rates

Stock - 348/292
Eibach - 360/270
MTM - 460/400
H&R "Street" - 450/450
H&R "Street" Avant-Specific - 450/475
H&R "Ultra" - 600/625
Koni/Intrax MC - ~450/~450 (according to "xcess")


if the stock spring rates given are the same for the avant and sedan,
perhaps the "float" is due to more weight (glass and metal) placed on
the rear of the avant.

it was pointed out to me that my avant's rear sits lower than "normal"
stock, probably due to the fact that i often carry 200-300 lbs. of band

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2001 S4 Avant Imola/Onyx 6spd

On 05/22/02 3:15pm, thus spake S Stiles:

| What I mean by front-end "float", is that the front of my avant
| seems to be (relatively speaking) more softly sprung & damped than
| the rear. Gives the impression of the car rotating around an axis of
| the rear wheels after hitting a low-frequency bump.
| Our Sedan doesn't exhibit this behavior, strangely.

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