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Wed May 29 05:44:31 EDT 2002

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  Currently I have five deposits and yes we are willing to become an author=
ized RS6 dealer. I'm sure there will be some sort of sticker pack on such a=
n exclusive car. The alms TT's have been bringing at least 1,000 over stick=
er and that is just a glamour pkg. Out of five alms TT's sold at our dealer=
ship I have been lucky enough to sell four!
 Audi has promised us three more Misano Red Pearl cars since we have sold a=
ll but one of our alotted cars in a few weeks time. I have two Avus Silver =
and three Misano Red's left. We got a dealer trade red alms TT in on monday=
 and I sold it to a walk in customer yesterday.. So far none have lasted mo=
re than a few days.
The "S" car sales guy, Perry__________
  "Marc A. Abernethy" <abernethy at lotteryusa.com> wrote: Was in the dealersh=
ip today and thought I would ask about the RS6. It
looks like only dealerships that have 5 or more buyers with sizable
deposits will get any RS6s. Plus the dealer will have to make a $20k
investment in equipment to service the car. I wonder if they will try
to find a way to pass that cost on to the RS6 owners?

'01 S4 6spd

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